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My Pup and I Pictures Showing How Fast Life Passes

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1. A lot may change as we get older (and a lot doesn’t!)


2. New glasses and a few kitty pounds can’t stop a friendship 15 years in the making.

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3. Though sometimes a cuddle is not in order.


4. Our pets can even teach us life lessons: Like that pink helmets may shrink, but puppies definitely will not.


5. And that growing up separately doesn’t mean growing apart.


6. But despite some crazy changes, some things stay pretty much the same.


7. Because let’s face it, getting older is inevitable


8. And time can be a good thing.


9. And a cat nap is good at any age.


10. So take a load off!


11. Because you’re only as young as you feel.


12. And you’re only as relaxed as you let yourself be.


13. But don’t worry — some things will never change.


14. Though every single day can make a difference.


15. Getting grey, 15 years together.


16. 10 years apart


17. Just me and my cat… 17 years later


18. My dog the first day I adopted him, and Nuba at six months old.


18. True Love, 13 years later.


19. The growth of a Golden Retriever


20. My how things have changed


21. Then and Now


22. Me & My feline friend, 2000-2012

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