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20 Times Our Pets Were Complete Jerks but Made Us Smile Anyway


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Men and women who have pets realize this simple truth: not any matter how cute in addition to innocent our pets might look, they can as well be naughty from period to time. Be all those cats, dogs, as well as birds all get us in to trouble at least as soon as within a lifetime. Tearing picture, destroying furniture and bouquets, and also terrorizing their littermates — these are simply a few crimes that folks are catching their pets carrying out on a daily base.


1. “Spent $6k remodeling the bathroom, glad these jerks are comfortable.”


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2. Goodbye brother!


3. “He steals his sister’s ball then sits on her head.”


4. “I was wondering why my freezer magically opens sometimes.”


5. “He was alone for just 5 minutes…”


6. Have you prayed tonight Desdemona?


7. When you are not allowed on both the bed and the table, but your rebellious spirit won’t let you put up with that.


8. “Hey Mom, I opened the door for you!”


9. “I wondered why this was the only plant to not flower this summer.”


10. “He’s slowly pushing it all off the table, while pretending to sleep.”


11. “Django, that isn’t your bone / other bone / bed / house.”


12. “She’s not allowed on the kitchen table, but she thinks this is OK.”


13. He did not approve of the cactus…


14. “I think I’ll just… Yep, this is a good place.”


15. “I heard my older lab crying and came out to find his little brother blocking the stairs.”


16. “Get a cat, they said. They provide emotional support, they said.”


17. “Chester loves his sister! His sister clearly doesn’t feel the same…”


18. “He graciously allowed her a corner of her own bed.”


19. “So that’s why my kitchen floor is always wet.”


20. “He’s eating my sandwich while standing on the darn piece of bread I gave him.”

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